Stay at home / 書箱是家


Stay at home is a book container for you to arrange according to your needs and preference. It is convenient to extend and move with the design of unit-by-unit planning.

Different possibilities are made in different arrangements, such as storage of novels if set horizontally, or storage of magazines if set vertically. In addition, Stay at home also serves as other furniture; it can be a bookcase, a cabinet, and also a stool.




尺寸 Size 30 × 40 × 30 cm
材質 Material 柚木集成 Teak Integration或香杉及樺木板


“Stay at home” has some kinds of practical uses. First, it can be a tool while setting rear upward. Second, it can be a bookcase while lying on its side. The last, when put it upright, it can be hold by handles to move easily, and the protruding side becomes the latch for stacking.


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一月 2014